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Foundation Psycho-social weak support is a small foundation that supports the most vulnerable groups of people  in The Netherlands and Cameroun West Africa.

 We aim to provide counseling and psyco-social rehabilitation to vulnerable children, youth and adults with schisofrenia, mentally handicap, homelessness, dementia , child prostitution and other types of social proplems.

Your donation is highly needed and appreciated. Help those who are less fortunate than yourself.

Provide to the vulnerable children a feeling of security and reassurance for a week or longer. Your donations are welcome on the following account: 

Bankaccount/IBAN: NL82 INGB 0007 6258 48. BIC : INGBNL2A

Use the name: Stichting Psycho-social weak support in Rotterdam. 

Thanks for your concern and care for someone less fortunate.



  About us


Mme Ojong Tanyi Pascaline (volunteer Chairlady)

Bachelor of Science , Nursing 1997.

Worked on different fields of Nursing; Worked with the academic hospital in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. After that worked as a district nurse for as long as 16 years in the world seaport metropolitan city of Rotterdam.

Did the following courses at Catholic university in Leuven , Belguim;

Evidence Based Practice

Social Psychiatric rehabilitation and couseling

Crisis intervention

Personal effectiveness


Project management

Kwality management and chain healthcare


Currently working in a menthal health care clinic that provides social counseling and rehabilitation to its clients.

Mme Eyong Eugenie (Financial secretary)

Volunteer worker at a shelter for elderly perople with dementia.

Has been working with pleasure with this very difficult and complex group for 15 years.

Mme Elizabeth Opoka (Secretary)

Social worker, working with local goverment of the metropolitan city of Rotterdam. She and her organisation organise varoius activities to empower vulnerable people in anyway possible. For example ; adult education for those adults who cannot read and write.


Psycho-social weak support foundation works together with local municipalities, churches and local foundations. Helping vulnerable children, vulnerable youth and adults. All work and guidance is done on a voluntary basis .


Psycho-social weak support foundation is a small foundation founded by a group of Dutch citizens who came here as immigrants. Together with native Dutch people who want to make a difference in the lives of others, the aim of this foundation is to offer concrete help in Cameroon and the Netherlands for the target group in a systematic, person-oriented and solution-oriented way. The psycho-social weak support foundation wants to offer help in an integrative and sustainable way that meets the needs of people who receive help.



The Dutch citizens with an background who have traveled to the Netherlands as a young adult has a firth hand experience vulnerable children , vulnerable youths and vulnerable adults who have little to no  help from the goverment in countries of origin.

Which means that the psycho-social weak support foundation can join in offering assistance in Cameroon.

Also psycho-social weak support foundation has realised that children of immigrants and some adult immigrants living in the Netherlands are vulnerable. And so they need support in various ways.


What do we want to achieve?

Psycho-social weak support foundation is concerned with the life situation of people with psycho-social problems who also live far below the poverty line both in The Nederlands and in West African Cameroon. This target group improves their living conditions in a systematic, efficient, effective and sustainable way. The long-term goal is that the people helped eventually become independent of our support and lead a decent life.

The first few years would consist of providing emergency aid. In addition, we believe it is important to increase our projects in Cameroon to be environmentally friendly, sustainable and self-reliant. The activities of the psycho-social weak support foundation would initially be more of an initiating and coordinating role. After approximately 5-10 years, the activities must always change to a supporting and advisory role. We would also spend a lot of time and resources on information and education.

 Who are we?

Psycho-social weak support foundation is an organization that believes that everyone has the right to a decent, worthy life, with participation, responsibilities and social inclusion in society.

We believe in "prevention is better than cure." Small help on time can prevent many and bigger problems for the individual and ultimately for community and society.

Vision & Mission


Everyone has the rigth to a  decent life .

For that our foundation plan to  support vulnerable children, vulnerable youth and vulnerable adults / elderly both in The Netherlands and in Cameroon West Africa. These are people with psychosocial problems; schisofrenia, menthal handicap, homelessness.

A systematic and offer integrative way of help, a person-oriented / solution-oriented assistance to mentally handicapped / homeless children, youth, adults and older people suffering from psychosocial issues . Counseling and support is all done on a  volunteer basis.


People with psychosocial problems  are in an extremely difficult position to make ends meet. In a country where a lot of persons with Bachelor degrees and higher have difficulty finf jobs, these vulnerable groups are at increased risk of all sorts of social problems; children prostitution, school dropout, becoming a member of a criminal gang, fall prey to people smuggllers , illiteratracy, homelessness, attempts of the dangerous crossing (fines with small rubber) to Europe.

Support the weak foundation is aiming to provide sustainable help that targets the ‘system’ around a persoon. That system can bet he family or community . Projects reduce poverty by providing concrete assistance, psychosocial support and education / vocational training. People are hereby strengthen so they can stand on their own eventually, with or without restricted guidance and support.

Target population:

Mentally disabled; children, youth, adult.

Homeless people; children, youth, adult.

Vulnerable elderly ; mentally handicapped, loneliness, malnutrition.

Other vulnerable groups ; Children prostitutes , children in crminal gangs. 

 Psycho-social problems in The Netherlands

Many immigrant children in The Netherlands grow up without a father. They are raised by mothers who often have to combine work and upbringing. Many children do not participate sufficiently in leisure and / or extracurricular activities because there is no time and or no money for it. This threatens them to get into social isolation. 

Many studies of children with parents of immigrant origin show a lack of self-confidence and extremely low self-esteem in this group of children. Partly because of this the school /academic dropout rate for this target group is very high. 

Psychosocial problems in Cameroon

Cameroon like the rest of Third World countries is a developing country. As a result, children and young adults who are mentally ill are especially vulnerable to psychosocial problems. The target group with psychosocial problems that has the most problems in all areas of life; Finance, income, employment, housing, health, social relationships, education. It is precisely this group does most hard hit by poverty and poverty related problems. unprecedented poverty is a big problem in this group. And many children belong tot his group.


Target population:

Mentally ill children, youth and adults in Cameroon with psych social problems. Psychosocial vulnerability leads to many social problems among children and youth; children prostitution, illiteracy among children, crime, joining a criminal gang, homelessness or premature death.

Psychosocial problems among adults lead to illiteracy, crime, exodus to Europe, homelessness or a short life expectancy. According to the WHO's normal life expectancy in Cameroon 47 years. Among these vulnerable group the life expectancy is far  under 47 years.


In The Netherlands

Happy Youth Rotterdam ( in progress. See photos under projects in Dutch)

In this project, the psycho-social weak support foundation would promote and organize cultural transfer and education to Cameroonian children born and raised here in the Netherlands. Stimulate the cultural identity among this target group. A strong identity gives and increases self-confidence and gives inner peace.

The Cameroonian children born in the Netherlands fall in love with culture. Growing up with parents who themselves grew up in Africa offers this target group neither for Dutch culture nor for African culture.


In Cameroun (delayed duet o lack of funds)


Food for Hope

A charity  food program Buea and Mamfe area. In this project food is shared out to children, young people, families, single adults who are mentally ill with psychosocial problems who live in extreme poverty or are homeless . In early fase of the commence of the project ,1x per month. The aims are step up to 1 x per week if there shall be enough money to buy food.

Many children and adults suffer from malnutrition and honger. There is  nothing like to go hungry for a day or a few days. Those people are not happy and are easy sick. Because their resistance is poor to very poor.

Due to shortage of food they are easy prey for all types criminals and criminal activities. The criminals get them easily over, let them perform their acts in exchange for food. For example, joining a criminal gang or children to work as prostitutes. Girls as young as 12 years work as prostitutes.


Project Farm of Hope

An organic farm Buae and Mamfe area mainly chickens. But also diversified with pigs, ducks and goats. Also a part of the farm shall be food crops like cassava and plantains, yam, beans.

This farm shall employ the mentally ill with psychosocial problems; former child prostitutes, homeless, mildly mentally handicapped, people living in slums etc.

In this farm the animals are kept on a biological and environmentally friendly way. After a life of one year, two years or three years, getting animals sold for meat . The revenu got from there is ploughed back in the form of wages an expansion of the farm.

The farm shall be equipped with its own small butcher shop with storage for the slaughtered meat.

These animals grow in a natural way with a lot of space. A chicken / duck comes to butcher only after a year or two. Goats and pigs for meat after two years or three years of life.

In this way, the farm can financial support itself after some years. In this way in the long run the farm shall becoming less dependent on financial support from outside.

It is envisaged that the organic farms would shall become the backbone of support the weak foundation. By generating employment and income for the target group.


Project Hope in school

A project Buea and Mamfe and environment where children of parents with psychosocial problems who have droped out of primary school are detected through the elementary school authorities.  And helped to complete their primary school. Support the weak foundation shall pay from the basic education fund, the schoolfees, take care of finances for the necessary uniforms and books. Support the weak foundation shall also monitor the children and their families to ensure success. So the chance to stay in school and attain “The firsth school leaving certificate”  increases.

In this project, the children of parents with psychosocial problems and children who have mental health problems themselves get the chance to do vocational training, after they finish primary school. This population is now often find themselves in a vicious circle of poverty and not being able to complet primary school . Let alone get a professional training.

 Project Hope in school can change all that.


Happy Youth Project Cameroon

This project intense to get the youth  around Buea and Mamfe  engage in cultural activities like they use to be in the years when the economic crisis had not hit Cameroun.  Cultural education and support in the form of music, dance and storytelling. By the dominancy of poverty, parents or adults are busy with hard work to survive from day to day . So much so that youth have come into a cultural vacuum.

For the African culture is transferred/handed down by practicing and experiencing together.

But for nearly a quater of a century now, very little or notting has been done culturally especially with the youths.

The consequences are a lack of peace of mind and restlessness within our youths. A strong cultural identity gives a clear mind that can make rational jugdement of siturions. A strong cultural identity also gives satisfaction with ones self and environment.

Support the weak foundation shall play a role in the revival and continuity of cultural heritage by means of  ; providing halls or a space, drums, drinking water, non-alcoholic beverages, materials needed for certain type of dancing. And recruting volunteers to work with as well as sensiticing the youths.


Donation forms could be;


1. One-time transfers

2. Periodic transfers

We are very happy and grateful to you spontaneous one-time donation. But we are best served by standing orders. That gives us as little foundation ensures that we can continue our projects.

Fixed income greater certainty and this would be especially for our team in Cameroon and the people they help are important.


Fundraising, sponsorship and otherwise.

Financial accountability

100% to charity


Donate to:

Stichting Psycho-social weak support Rotterdam(The Netherlands)

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